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The XPRIZE mission is to bring about "radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity" through incentivized competition. They foster high‐profile competitions that motivate individuals, companies and organizations across all disciplines to develop innovative... In 2006, Harvard University teamed up with XVIVO to develop an animation that would take their cellular biology students on a journey through the microscopic world of a cell. The Inner of the Cell follows a white blood cell’s movement along...

Business Hangouts™ brings Google’s Hangouts to the Enterprise for webinars, conferences, virtual classrooms and events! Yes!!!!!!! We did it!I am excited to announce that today, 5/5/15 (notice the number!), we crossed the one million user... The Royal Free hospital in north London is among several in the world, that are working on the futuristic idea of growing custom-made organs in the lab.

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