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People seeking to raise funds ask me often if crowd funding could be suitable for big project having important budget. My answer is to say ....

"It depends on your ability, the ability of your project to be loved by the crowd!"

But until now, I did not have any example of a big project having raised big money!

Here you have a record of funds raised by crowd funding (with the support of the crowd funding website Kickstarter): US $1,33 million! 

Take a look at: 

And another amazing Kickstarter record (maybe the current world record) with US $10,266,845 raised with an intial goal of $100,000! (up-date 10 Oct 2012 ... still raising funds day after day !!!) 

Here another record of funds raised (with the support of the crowd funding website Crowdcube): £1 million (= US $1,587 million)!!

Take a look at:

Here US $900,000 raised by a startup developping an innovative app for smartphone, the crowdfunding platform is link

The French company IntuiLab holds the French record of funds raised by Crowd funding (with the support of the Crowdfunding website Wiseed): 1,2 million (= US $1,6 million)!!!

From 2009 to now (march 2012), Wiseed has raised 5,89 million (= US $7,3 million) for 19 French startups!

Here another example of crowd funding success: £2,2 million (= US $3,49 million)!!!! 

Take a look at: and


Another example: The “Iron Sky” film project:

The producer is currently raising funds by a mix strategy: 


1) Donation/Reward-based Crowd funding (fans support the project by money donation and get goodies and rewards)

2) Crowd mirco-investing (fans can become co-producer by investing and hope to have royalties on future revenues)

3) Secured financing (classical way to get funds for film such as banks, grants, partners …)

Concerning the Crowd funding strategy, Iron Sky has already obtained 686,270 with an initial goal of €900,000! The total budget (1+2+3) of this film project is €7,500,000.


Have you heard about the crowdfunding campaign lauched at Kickstarter by a fan of the TV series "Veronica Mars"?

The campaign has raised more than 3 million dollars in less than 3 days!!! The money will be used to produce a feature film from this series. The last update (April 29, 2013) indicates a total of $5,702,153 raised with an initial goal of $2 million!


List of highest funded crowdfunding projects:

More about crowd funding:

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Fin 25/03/2012


Thanks for the great blog. Are you updating the list of crowdfunding sites regularly? It's a phenomenal resource.

Can I challenge your stat on largest funds raised on crowdfunding? Check Crowdcube's The Rushmore Group - they raised £1m.

Fin 25/03/2012

Cheers Ari

Also, Brewdog has successfully raised £2.2m on their own site - without a crowdfunding platform.


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